Abiding in Christ

Abiding in Christ

There is a way to have all your prayers answered! I am not making this up. God actually promises and desires to grant us whatever we ask for in prayer. Jesus said in John 15:7 that “…if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted!” (John 15:7, NLT). Did you get that? Jesus is inviting His disciples (that includes you and me) to ask for whatever they wish and He promises that it will be granted to them.

There is only one condition: to remain (abide or stay or continue or dwell) in Him and to let His words remain in us. To abide in Christ is to stay connected to Him through a love relationship with Him where He has lordship over every area of our lives. The result of such a relationship is a life of joyfully pleasing God in every area of life. When we stay connected to Jesus we won’t pray with selfish motives (James 4:3). When we abide in Him we won’t entertain any sin (Psalm 66:18) and we’ll certainly do our best to resolve any conflict because unforgiveness and bitterness hinder our prayers (Matthew 6:14-15).

When we abide/remain in Him and His words abide in us, His desires will become our desires, His will our will, and His pleasure our pleasure. Consequently, we will tend to only ask for what is in accordance with His pleasure and will. And how do you think God will respond to a prayer that is consistent with His will? He can’t wait to grant such a request!

So you want to see your prayers being answered? Every single one of them? Abide in Him and let His words abide in you. Then ask God for whatever you wish and you can be sure that it will be granted to you. God cannot lie and does not make a promise that He won’t keep.

Point to Ponder
Abiding in Christ is pursuing intimacy with Him not as the top priority of our lives, but as the only priority of our lives.

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