Growing faith

Growing faith

Growing Faith Part 1

Saturday, 28th of February 2004 is a day I will never forget. On this day my faith was severely tested that I almost raised my fist against God. And now, for the first time in my life, the whole world is suffering due to this Pandemic. Our lives have been disrupted in unprecedented ways, and according to some experts this situation is far from over. Some, in addition to this Pandemic, are going through other forms of immeasurable suffering. As a result, the faith of many, if not most believers, has not only been severely tested, it has also been seriously shaken. It is for this reason I feel led to share what I have learned about growing faith from Habakkuk, a 7th century BC prophet who was burdened, disturbed and confused by what was happening around him. He didn’t understand why God was letting things to happen the way they were. His prophecy teaches us three practical lessons about faith that are applicable to us today.

Here’s the first lesson: growing faith wonders. Growing faith asks why. In chapter 1 Habakkuk wondered why God was not responding to his prayers and allowing evil to continue. He couldn’t understand why God was taking so long to intervene and He asked God, “Why? and “How long, Lord?”

If you have ever wondered (or you are wondering right now) why a good, loving and powerful God would allow bad things to happen to you, you are not crazy or unspiritual. In fact, you are in good company because Jesus Himself asked why (see Matthew 27:46). Real faith will sometimes ask why. It’s human to ask why, so if that question is on your mind right now because of what you are going through, don’t pretend it’s not there; instead, humbly ask Him. He knows it’s there and you won’t hurt His feelings by asking Him. So humbly contend with Him; He is not afraid of any of our questions. He is secure enough to handle them and loves us enough to be patient with us.

Faith wonders why. Growing faith will sometimes ask God why. But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s meet tomorrow for the second part of this reflection. In the meantime, I’d like to pray for all of you who are struggling in your faith right now and asking God the question why. Inbox me and I’ll be more than glad to pray for you.

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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