How can we pray with you?

How can we pray with you?

How Can I Pray For You?

Though he was a senior military officer with several soldiers under his command and was considered tough by those who knew him, he humbled himself before Jesus and sought His help on behalf of his sick servant. This story of the Roman centurion recorded in Matthew 8:5-13 is an example of an opportunity we all have and something we can all do. Just as he brought his servant’s need to Jesus we too can bring other’s needs to Jesus through our prayer.

In these days when everyone seems to be thinking only about themselves and their situation, we have the opportunity to be selfless, at least in our prayers. You see, some people are either too burdened or too discouraged or too distressed or too disoriented to pray for themselves. Others just don’t know how to pray while many are far from God and desperately need our prayers for them to be reconciled to God. Praying for others is something we can all do. Every single believer is called to be an Intercessor in some way. Since all believers have the same direct access to God, each one of us can use that privilege any time and pray for others. In fact, we are commanded in James 5:13 to pray for one another.

When you pray for others you are being like Jesus. He is right now praying for all His followers (including you) and has been doing this for over 2000 years (see Hebrews 7:25). So I encourage you to imitate Him this weekend and set aside time to pray, but not for yourself. Intentionally and earnestly pray for others. There are many people out there who can benefit from your prayers… the medics helping Coronavirus patients, the bereaved, the church to be strengthened throughout this season, those suffering from economic effects of Covid-19 situation, those affected by the recent floods, the unbelievers in and around our lives to turn to God, our government as it deals with floods and Covid-19 situations, and many others.

If you just take the time to ask someone, “How can I pray for you today?” or if you ask God to bring to your mind people that He wants you to pray for, you will discover that the list of people you can pray for is not short. But don’t just ask the question… do actually pray.

Finally, we have an online prayer session every Friday at 6pm and we’d love to pray for you. I invite you to email your prayer requests to or text them to 0110096852 and I can assure you that someone will pray for them.

Have a prayer-filled weekend and may God bless you!

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