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Worship Service Registration FAQs

Adherence to government regulations and the safety of our Crossroads Fellowship family is of highest importance to us. Kindly go through the FAQs listed below.

We are offering 2 services in the main auditorium; 9:30am and 11:00am

We are offering one services for the Impact Youth; 11:00am

Because the spaces available are limited registration is necessary. This will also help prevent people from being frustrated with long lines or arriving at church after we have reached our room capacity.

Our registration system uses the phone number used in registration as the verifying item. When you arrive physically on campus you will head to the registration desk where you will be asked for your phone number and matched to your reservation.

Registration closes at 12:00pm every Saturday or once our capacity has been reached. The registration form will also include some initial screening questions that will help you determine if you should continue worshiping online. It opens at 1:00pm every Sunday.

One person can register a maximum of 1 individual


Physically on campus no, but it will be available online until further notice.

The government minimum age for physical service is 13 years. Therefore, any children below that age together with their parents if they can’t be left alone are encouraged to watch the online service.

The seats in the auditorium and impact youth room are arranged 1.5m apart to accommodate social distancing guidelines

Together with all government stipulated measures like sanitizers, thermometers etc.

  • We will seat you as you arrive on alternating rows (filling in from the front to the back), and we will make sure seats are filled so that you do not have to step over or by someone already seated.
  • We will seat people six feet apart.
  • Our campus is constantly being cleaned, and we will sanitize the seats and wipe down surfaces and doors between services each Sunday and after the services each week.
  • We will have attendants in the restrooms to help keep those areas cleaned by spraying with a sanitizing solution as needed.
  • Hand sanitizers can be found in strategic locations throughout our compound and can be used by everyone at any time.
  • Please remember to frequently wash your hands, and if you or anyone in your family is not feeling well, please stay home.


While we greatly desire to worship together with each of you, the safety of our entire Crossroads Fellowship family is of paramount importance. We also wish to respect the desires of each individual and family in choosing whether to join us in person or remain worshiping online.

Below are some who may decide to stay home for now and continue to engage through the online service:

  • Elderly adults.
  • People with depressed immune systems or who are considered to be the most vulnerable to life-threatening complications of COVID-19.
  • People caring for or living with the elderly or the vulnerable.
  • Families with younger children.
  • Anyone who does not feel comfortable yet with gathering in larger groups of people.


Again, this is a personal decision in which all will need to decide what is best for them.


If you or someone in your family has had a fever, cough, traveled, or been asked to quarantine by a medical or government official in the last 14 days, we appreciate your willingness to stay home and help protect others.

As much as we would like to give hugs and shake hands, due to our greater desire to maintain the health and safety of our Crossroads Fellowship family,

  • we will not have these kinds of greeting until further notice.
  • We will not serve coffee, refreshments, or communion until further notice.
  • We will only avail online giving options so we will not be passing the offering baskets during the service
  • No parking lot fellowship is allowed until further notice.