Teach us to pray

Teach us to pray

If you’re like me you are probably dissatisfied with your prayer life and feel guilty about it also. So many of us struggle in our lives and long for our prayers to be more than just a religious act. It’s not that we don’t pray at all as much as it is we don’t experience the connection with God through prayer.

In Luke 11:1 Jesus’s disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. They didn’t ask to be taught to preach, or to lead people or to cast out demons. They didn’t even ask to be taught how to pray, but to pray. As Jewish men, I believe they knew how to pray. But when they saw Jesus praying they noticed something about His prayer life that was unique and powerful, and thus their request, “Teach to pray.” And Jesus did honour their request but His first lesson must have shocked them. He said, “When you pray say, Father…” The reason this must have shocked them is because Jews knew God as the Sovereign Ruler, King, Judge, Creator, Master but not as Father. But He taught them that prayer is directed to a Father in heaven, meaning it’s a relationship with Someone and not just a religious activity.

Here’s a the lesson to learn: Prayer is communion between a Perfect Father and His beloved child. Regardless of how your earthly father was or was not, the Heavenly Father is way different from all fathers we know. He is the Perfect Father, the Father we have always wanted and need. He is Perfect in all His ways and so when we pray we can trust that He not only hears us but He also knows and desires what’s best for us. He knows your name, your need, and even the number of the hair on your head. He will never give you His second best (Romans 8:32).

So when you pray today try to think more about Who you are talking to and less about what you are saying. Focus more on the Father’s love for you than what is going on in you and around you. Our circumstances and relationships (as real as they are), don’t tell the whole story about Who the Father is and what He feels and thinks about us.

Have a prayerful Wednesday!

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